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If you were ever one of those kids who buckled under pressure whenever you had to present something to the class no matter how prepared you were, then you will wish you had Meograph when you were in school. Meograph is a new app intended for journalists, students, teachers, and travelers to make four dimensional presentations. As the story is told, with voice recording capabilities, visuals like embedded youtube videos and pictures are presented simultaneously over GoogleEarth maps and a timeline at the bottom of the screen. Teachers all over the country are adding Meograph to their lesson plans and students are creating interesting, interactive presentations in half the time.


In today’s fast-paced world, multimedia is a must for engaging students and it is taught in every teaching program, but it can be very complicated for the teachers taught in a different era. Meograph has a simple to use interface that will surely solve this problem. Don’t be surprised if your children come home asking you to help them with their Meograph for school. Have a story to tell? Sign up for a free account on Meograph and let the fun begin!

7th graders Chloe, Maureen, Tim and Isara Use Meograph for a Project:

Meograph authoring tool

Meograph Tutorial:

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