Mr. Chickpea & Friends Explore NYC

Sadi Tekin 1

As if the antioxidants, fiber, and deliciousness weren’t reason enough to love chickpeas, their personalities will certainly do the trick. In this playful series of photos by NYC based Turkish artist Sadi Tekin, little garbanzo bean heads explore the big apple. Tekin drew unique facial expressions on a bunch of dry garbanzo beans, utilizing the natural nose and chin grooves of the handsome legumes, then had a field day making bodies for them in unique New York (Ron Burgundy would be proud to read this aloud) locations.

Man Follows Girlfriend All Around the World

1-Murad Osmann

What started as a photographer trying to capture as much as he could while traveling while his girlfriend pulled him along has now become an internet sensation. Russian producer Murad Osmann and his gorgeous girlfriend, Natalia Zakharova, have been traveling the world together for quite some time. Beginning in Barcelona in September of 2011, Osmann started labeling his Instagram photos pictures “Follow me” where he takes beautiful pictures of his girlfriend pulling his arm through exotic and familiar locations around the world. In the small breaks between his busy work schedule, the jet-setting lovebirds have travelled to Singapore, Bali, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, England, and China and continue to document their journeys on Instagram.

Visual Bits #389 > Hoo Wrote That?: Typography

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Minuscule Matchbook Art by Joseph Martinez

Minuscule Matchbook Art by Joseph Martinez

Next time you pick up some matches to light your cigarettes, candles or cannabis, think about doing a little art on them. That’s what Joseph Martinez of Denver, Colorado decided to do one day. Taking some oil paint, he carefully created images of celebrity like figures. Whether it was Boba Fett, Willy Wonka or Rick James, Martinez brought them to life on the inside cover of the matchbook. His ability to create such small figures in a clear way is remarkable.

Artists Create 1000 Portraits of a Young Girl

Adorable 1000 portraits of daughter 13

Many people are thrilled to have someone paint or draw an image of their child… but imagine having 1000 portraits created of your precious little creation! That’s about the gist of this very cool project featuring adorable 3 year-old Adora Levin (aka NyuNyu). Her father, Hanan, had the idea of having artists from around the world create their own interpretation of images he’s posted of Adora, and the results are highly entertaining. The stack of art is piling up… with over 500 artists having already participated.

Massive Dyed Carnation Portrait of Nobel Prize Winner

1 Hong Yi

Inspired by the honorable Aung San Suu Kyi who fought for a democratic Burma (Myanmar) and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991, creative artist Hong Yi, who goes by the nickname “Red” created an ephemeral portrait. Aung San Suu Kyi is often pictured with flowers in her hair because on the day he was assassinated, her father put fresh flowers behind her ear before walking out the door. Using 1,000 carnations in carefully placed plastic cups with varying amounts of water and red food dye to create different shades of color, nearly 20 hours of set-up time, and 40 hours for the saturation to fully develop, Red’s creation allowed Aung San Suu Kyi’s beautiful smile to shine through. The portrait measured 11.5 by 14.75 feet and took a month of flower dye experiments to get the plan ready. Although the piece only lasted about 5 days before the flowers started to wilt, Red brought awareness to a strong, compassionate, well-respected woman that many are unaware of.

Landfill Photography: Classic Chinese Landscape Style

Yao Lu- 1

Once filled with nothing but beautiful, natural, mountainous, tree-filled landscapes, the now over-populated China has some views that aren’t quite so serene: landfills. To contrast the idyllic past with the realistic present, Chinese artist Yao Lu photographed the landfills, covered in green netting, then digitally manipulated the photos to look like the familiar vintage landscapes in traditional paintings. He adds mist, trees, and buildings to the heaps of rubbish, making them appear beautiful and serene until you look closely enough to realize that they are not actually mountains.

Visual Bits #388> Innovative Creations Come To Life

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Playing Real-Life Tetris With Discarded Objects

Michael Johansson Real-life Tetris 1

Michael Johansson often thinks of his work as real-life Tetris. He works with discarded objects collected methodically from yard sales, flea markets… wherever people are getting rid of their “junk.” It’s the kind of work a hoarder might build if they arranged their object obsessed lives in productive, color and shape coordinated fashion.

Simón Prades Illustrates Animals Hidden in the Woods

Simon Prades Loup in the woods 2

Simón Prades has been walking in the woods a lot recently. It’s a good place to clear your mind, spend some quiet time and come up with new ideas. This January the well known illustrator decided to focus a new series around these walks, paying special attention to the seasons of the forest and the contrasts between light and shadow. In his just released series of three drawings, Loup, he explores these contrasts with positive and negative space, subtly and beautifully revealing the animals of the forest in the detritus of the leaf covered floor and swaying branches of the trees above.