Still Life with Fruit (Brands included)


It’s harmless to put a logo on an object right? Maybe so, and yet it can fully change the way it is perceived. A fruit is something nice, tasty, and full of juicy goodness; yet with the simple addition of a corporate logo (such as Calvin Klein, Gucci or Louis Vuitton) it’s interesting how one will often interpret the object differently.

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Artist Ting Ting Cheng strives to achieve that perceptive shift in each of her viewers. She uses a combination of objects, images, text and voice in her work and explores the concept of foreignness in different perspectives. She has exhibited and received a number of photography awards internationally, including in the cities of New York, London, Berlin and Taipei. To learn more of her work, visit her site here.


LouisVuitton-Bananas (3)





sony-sharon fruit



Toyota Pomelo

Uniqlo Pear

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