Piano Man and Dog Travel to Share the Beauty of Music

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A couple years ago, an aspiring actor named Dotan Negrin sold everything he had, bought a piano and a truck, and along with his little dog friend “Brando” decided to travel across America. In total, they traveled to 53 cities, met thousands of people and shared the universal love and language of music to those willing to listen. Their journey was a fulfilling one for the duo, as Dotan would play all sorts of songs and little Brando would chill on top of the Piano. They received warm media coverage during their trip which was called “Piano Across America.”

Now Dotan and Brando have another idea: To head south of the border where some piano music is rarely heard. Beginning from their home base of New York City, the “Piano Man” and his pooch look to travel south on the East Coast, travel over to Texas and then travel through most Central American nations before finishing in Panama. The trip looks to be a fun one for sure.

Currently, they are raising support for their journey and have a few more days to meet their goal of 10,000 dollars for the trip. Most of these donations will go towards creating a web series themed around the importance of music in peoples lives. On their journey, they plan to connect with other musicians and document all their encounters. Dotan emphasizes in his pitch on the Kickstarter video that none of the raised money will go towards travel expenses. Instead, he will pay that out of his own pocket and of course, busking with Brando along the way. Watch the Kickstarter video (below) of this inspiring story about a man and his dog and their mission to share the music… then head to Kickstarter to show your support.

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Piano man and dog travel

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Shawn Saleme

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