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LED Gym Floor Changes Activities in Seconds

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Sports spaces are increasingly being used for multiple activities… one floor could be used for basketball, and an hour later used for a volleyball game. In an ever increasing effort to squeeze the most amount of use, function and cost efficiency out of our gym spaces one thing truly holds us back: painted lines.

A multi-use floor often features a multitude of different lines (sometime abbreviated to lessen clutter), making game play more confusing and difficult. To combat this problem, multi-colored lines are often employed to distinguish between games being played. Now, German based company ASB Systembau has created a clever glass flooring system with LED lights placed beneath, allowing the lines to be changed with the simple push of a button.


Called the ASB Glassfloor, the glass has undergone a series of processes and treatments to make it springy and perform similar to a standard wooden floor. The easily removable glass is mounted above a cushioned supporting framework, one which incorporates metal channels and blue LEDs to illuminate the lines. It’s a seriously clever setup which would allow gyms both large and small to adapt to many sports. Watch the video below, then find out more at asbglassfloor.com.

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