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Space Blogger: Chris Hadfield’s Photos from the ISS

Monday 01.21.2013 , Posted by

Commander Chris Hadfields Space Blog 1

It’s hard to imagine a blog published more remotely than Colonel Chris Hadfield’s… and yet he’s only about 200 miles away from many of us. That’s because he’s blogging from perhaps the most exclusive place around: the International Space Station (ISS). This Canadian astronaut is on his second trip to the massive station circling the earth, where he’s soon scheduled to take his and a Canadian’s first command of the ISS. Life is good.

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Hadfield’s Tumblr and Twitter accounts have been very active lately as he treats us with a large selection of photography from his many orbits around the earth. Often shooting from the space station’s famous cupola, he has been getting fantastically beautiful – almost painterly – images of our precious earth. His camera often points at locations which are unfamiliar, highlighting the things which stand out from such a lofty perch. He’s also been uploading Youtube videos, giving us a look at the weightless work environment he occupies and calls home. See more images from outer space at or learn a bit more about him from his Reddit based AMA.

Above: “The beauty of the Bahamas is surreal; every blue that exists. It almost seems as though a giant cloud hand is rippling through the water.” – January 21st
Below: “A pre-launch photo of the crew. Morale is important – laughing together is essential to real success.” – January 15th
Commander Chris Hadfields Space Blog 11

“Tonight’s Finale: Washington D.C. on Saturday night of the Inaugural Weekend. You can even follow the parade route.” – January 20th
Commander Chris Hadfields Space Blog 3

“Undoubtedly one of the coolest space sights on Earth, the Richat Structure of Mauritania.” – January 20th
Commander Chris Hadfields Space Blog 4

“Taking the new telescope out of the box – like weightless Christmas!” – January 19th
Commander Chris Hadfields Space Blog 5

“A long pier and a full beach on the Yucatan, Mexico. The coastal city of Progreso just north of Merida.” – January 19th
Commander Chris Hadfields Space Blog 6

“Frozen crests of sand break over the arid rock, Namibian coast, Africa.” – January 18th
Commander Chris Hadfields Space Blog 7

“The pall of smoke clouds over Australia, as seen from orbit. A rare view of the bushfires’ effect.” – January 17th
Commander Chris Hadfields Space Blog 8

“Tiny, perfect, weightless loaf of Russian black bread. Shelf life measured in years, good for spaceflight.” – January 16th
Commander Chris Hadfields Space Blog 9

“I’m sure this river takes itself seriously, but it makes me laugh.” – January 16th
Commander Chris Hadfields Space Blog 10

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