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Massive Aqua Dice Make a Splash

Tuesday 01.15.2013 , Posted by

1 Aqua Dice

Since life is so largely due to chance, Max Mulhern came up with an awesome idea for a project. With funding from France’s version of Kickstarter, Kiss Kiss Bank Bank, he raised over 5,000 Euros to construct massive aqua dice to be released into the sea near the Canary Islands where Christopher Columbus set sail. The dice were released on 12/12/12 and have a GPS tracker to monitor their journey. They are headed toward Western Sahara and will be an interesting surprise to those along the coast.


Where will nature roll these massive dice? You can place a bet on Mulhern’s site of where you think they’ll end up for a chance to win a print of the Aqua Dice. See the New York Times interview with Mulhern below and follow the Aqua Dice on Facebook.

2 Aqua Dice

3 Aqua Dice

4 Aqua Dice

Dice Map

↬ nytimes

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