Would You Volunteer for a One-Way Trip to Mars?

Mars One 1

Would you volunteer for a one-way trip to Mars, never again to return to the Earth? That is the proposition the non-profit organization Mars One is putting forth for a group of 4 brave people with a distinct lack of nostalgia for old Mother Earth. Once on the red planet, they will establish a habitable, sustainable outpost designed to receive additional astronauts every two years. If the plan works, we will see Mars being colonized by as early as 2023… that’s 10 short years people!

Mars One’s highly original idea for funding the project is to create what could be the first reality TV show that sees the whole world tune in to watch. Starting this year they will begin live-broadcasting the astronaut selection process from a group of applicants for the one-way trip – deemed more efficient and possible using current technology. All of the technology used for the trip is either currently available or within easy reach, making the process of landing people at their new home far more realistic. The launcher for the trips many stages is hoped to be the Space X Falcon Heavy (currently in development).

From the massive and growing reaction this project is receiving… and the fact that many of us would like to know more about the brave and/or crazy people who would volunteer for such a drastic adventure – it looks like this is one wild project which could see reality (TV and otherwise). Watch the video from Mars One and see pictures detailing the roadmap for the project (below), then find out more at Mars-One.com.

The Roadmap for the Mars One project:

Mars One 2

Mars One 3

Mars One 4

Mars One 5

Mars One 6

Mars One 7

Mars One 8

Mars One 9

Mars One 10

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  1. Lance Fox

    The fact that the target is Mars makes me think that the whole thing is a great big scam. I mean, why Mars? The only thing that colonists could do on Mars is live on Mars! They could do something similar on the Moon or at the bottom of the sea–but a much less of a cost, requiring much less to-be-developed technology, and doing somehing with a real purpose–mining ice or farming kelp. But Mars is big in the public mind, because of Curiosity, so people might be inclined to donate to a Mars expedition.

  2. Montrose

    They should try and get the next nutcase that has an inclination to start shooting up some school to volunteer. They would be better off on another planet anyway.

  3. Jack black

    Well, a one way trip sucks. Fame is good if you could enjoy it. Also, will there be hot females? That is a legitimate question for any male on a one way trip away from females. As a male, ill walk over the gates of hell, but, if there are no females, ill save myself the trouble. Figuring out how to breathe, how to eat, that’s all good stuff, but men need to mate.

  4. Matt k

    I am perfect for this.. I don’t know why and I wouldn’t whole heartedly want to go but I know I would have to..

  5. Dee B

    I heard a news report today that says there are thousands of names on that Mars Sign-up list. Also that they will begin screenings to determine just who on the Sign-up lists will be selected to actually go on the trip to Mars.

  6. ela

    people who are desperate here in the earth would rather go far to that mars and no coming back. it would be greater idea than thinking of ending his life himself to leave earth for the concerned to mourn. At least trip to mars is not a great joke, it would twist your life to another adventure and get transformed spiritually, mentally or intellectually. It’s an ultimate paradigm shift of life.

  7. Andy Chavarria

    I have always been waiting and expecting for something like this to happen.. it sounds like some sifi movie about to become reality. I am definitely excited and hopefully can see this even with my own eyes becoming true.

  8. Michael Klos

    I would be interested in going. Not much in the lines of findind stable work here. I don’t feel like I have much of a place here. I do a lot of conceptual art for comics and alternative life, I’ve thought of many ways of engineering living “off-world” and if I had funding and a little more technical knowledge, I would have better plans for mars than this. However, I still wouldn’t mind going just to get away from the drama and other unmentionable “bull” here.

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