Photo-Realistic Portraits Drawn with Chalk


We’ve all had our eyes fooled by artists with photorealistic techniques such as Pedro Campos’ picture perfect oil paintings, Paul Cadden’s hyperrealistic pencil drawings, Samuel Silva’s ballpoint pen drawing, and Nathan Welsh’s city paintings, but never before had we seen it done with chalk…until now! Rubén Belloso Adorna of Seville, Spain creates enormous portraits that are so detailed, you would not believe they are not photographs, but they are actually drawings made with chalk pastels. You can see the true magnitude of each drawing when you see the photos of Adorna working on them, yet even when you zoom in and look closely they still look like a high definition photo.

The 26 year old artist holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Seville. He has received much recognition for his work throughout Spain and internationally, with exhibitions in galleries throughout Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Check out more of Adorna’s impeccable masterpieces and show him some love on his deviantART, Facebook, and blogspot.









Ruben Belloso Adorna 10


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  1. Louella

    AWESOME, look at those colors in the face, It really is amazing, I’ve seen many good artists but not the colors that are shown in this face, beautiful.

  2. parisa

    .your work very beautiful. thank you.
    i dont speak much english. im sorry.
    but ilove art.
    i underestand with all existence the art.
    working with ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

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