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Lord Of the Rings Action Figures- Long Before Jackson

Saturday 01.05.2013 , Posted by

1- LOTR Action Figures

Way before Peter Jackson brought the characters from Lord of The Rings to life on the big screen, Ralph Bakshi directed an animated version of the beloved novel by J.R. Tolkein, which was the longest feature-length animated film at the time in 1978. To accompany the film, the Knickerbocker toy company made an awesome line of action figures of the key players, including Gandalf, Frodo, Gollom, and Aragorn. In their original packaging some of the sets can go for up to £10.000 which is equivalent to $16,253! But what little kid could possibly have resisted opening these fun-packed figurines when they came out in 1979?


2- LOTR Action Figures

4- LOTR Action Figures

5- LOTR Action Figures

6- LOTR Action Figures

7- LOTR Action Figures

8- LOTR Action Figures

3- LOTR Action Figures

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  1. Poor Aragorn has no trousers! He is forced to fight the Forces of Sauron in his underpants, poor fellow!

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