Fine Victorian Lace: Delicate Carvings in Eggshells

Carved Eggshells Beth Ann Magnuson 2

Looking like fine victorian lace, the carved eggs created by Beth Ann Magnuson are the definition of the word delicate. On each shell she free-hand draws the final patterns she envisions carved into the egg. She then empties the content of the shell through a small hole. The true magic begins as she removes each tiny shape using a fine rotary cutting tool.

After a dozen years flower farming, Magnuson moved to rural Illinois and found herself instead surrounded by fields of chickens and her surprising new medium:

My gardens and the surrounding verdant fields supply me with material and inspiration for my artwork. I gather eggs from neighboring farms and carve the shells into delicate ornaments I describe as Victorian Lace Eggs.

You can find more of her work and purchase these finely crafted works of art at her Etsy store, The Nest at Windy Corner. Be sure to catch the video of her process at the bottom of this page.

Carved Eggshells Beth Ann Magnuson 1

Carved Eggshells Beth Ann Magnuson 3

Carved Eggshells Beth Ann Magnuson 4

Carved Eggshells Beth Ann Magnuson 5

Carved Eggshells Beth Ann Magnuson 6

Carved Eggshells Beth Ann Magnuson 7

Carved Eggshells Beth Ann Magnuson 8

Curious to see the process behind Magnuson’s eggs? Watch the beautiful video below:

Via: faithistorment

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