Finding Trust with Animals

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Have you ever wondered if in the past there was a stronger trust between animals and humans? Have you considered if there was a greater harmony that existed before the population of humans and its food consumption increased? Is there a way we can reconcile a trust to the animals that inhabit this planet?

Annie Marie Musselman has pondered those questions. In Seattle, in the Pacific Northwest, she began to volunteer at a wild animal rehabilitation center every Thursday. Her motive was to feel a bit of what she had lost; her Mothers presence. Annie’s Mom was a mountaineer and lover of nature; and when she passed away, Annie found refuge in helping the wildlife at the Sarvey Wildlife rehab center. Sarvey’s mission is “To save the lives of sick, orphaned, injured, displaced, and debilitated wild animals entrusted to our care so that they may be successfully returned to their native habitat.”


Every Thursday, Annie would drive 90 miles to Sarvey to help and she took a photo of every time she went. Her heart warming photos of animals being cared for tell a story of their lives, both before and after their injury. In their vulnerability, they learn to trust a human to help them in their recovery.

Annie is in the process of publishing a book of her photography through Kehrer Verlag, a publishing house in Germany. She has a Kickstarter project up because she needs to raise a few more dollars to make her book a reality. Watch her video and hear her story. Check out the Finding Trust Kickstarter Page here or more information from Sarvey Wildlife Rehabiliation Center.

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