The People in the Projector Room

Have you ever wondered who was in that little projection booth at the theater where the movie you’re watching comes from? There’s a small glowing light in there, and you know someone is putting delicate film into the projector to play for everyone. In the old days, the person running the projector would have to switch film reels and so intermissions were much more commonplace… but today we almost assume it’s automatic.

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It is true that we live in an age where film projectors are switching to digital and people are no longer needed to run them, so New York City based photographer Joseph O. Holmes decided to take photos of the people working, what he calls “The Booth.” Taking over a year and traveling to theaters hours away, Holmes captured the happenings of a projector employee. Holmes told PetaPixel about what motivated him to start the project:

“The idea for the project occurred to me one evening as my wife and I sat in a movie theater waiting for the lights to go down, and I turned to look back at the little window above the audience. I’ve always been curious about what went on in that inaccessible room, what kinds of people and machines filled the space. And it occurred to me that those spaces would make a fascinating subject for my camera.”

Via: petapixel

Shawn Saleme

Shawn Saleme

Shawn Saleme is a full time writer for Visual News. Having traveled to over 50 countries, his international escapades continue to influence his writing and perspective. When not in a foreign territory, he makes his home in his native San Francisco Bay Area. Become friends with him on Facebook and invite him to share drinks and stories with you.

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