On Location Photography That Defies Gravity


What you see is what you get when it comes to Li Wei’s gravity defying photography. Although it would be much easier to photoshop people into a stock image to achieve a similar effect, all of Li Wei’s shots are taken on location, relying solely on wire harnesses to suspend his subjects in mid-air; thus making them all the more incredible. According to the Beijing-based artist, “There’s a visceral feeling of shooting on location that can’t be duplicated on a computer,” although he does use photoshop to remove the visible wires from his images.

Visual Bits #345 > Buildings Inside And Out

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The Difference Between Holland and the Netherlands

CGP Grey Holland 3

Next time you’re off to Holland to pick some tulips you’re going to be far, far more informed about the place… and far more correct in identifying what it is. As this excellent and quickly paced video from the epic CPG Grey points out, there is a massive misunderstanding about the tulip growing, windmill building, hagelslag eating, container ship moving, ocean conquering nation… most importantly that it’s called the Netherlands and “Holland” is actually just its two most populous provinces.

Photos from Minimalist Town Sun City, Arizona

Sun City Arizona Photograph 8

After a lifetime of employment, one can look forward to retirement in Sun City, Arizona. Located outside of Phoenix, it has one of the lowest crime rates and is also one of the cleanest cities in the country. Life is simple in Sun City. The houses have air conditioning, there’s not much traffic in the neighborhoods and there’s plenty of recreational activity such as shuffleboard, bocce ball and of course, golf.

Star Wars Travel Posters in the Style of the WPA

Steven Thomas Star Wars Posters 5

Back in the late 30s and early 40s the US Government spent an unprecedented amount of money furthering the arts as an effort to boost the economy during the Great Depression. Out of the Federal Arts Project branch of the Works Progress Administration came some of the most beautiful posters ever created for our National and State Parks, screen printed in the art deco stylings of the day. Now, Steven Thomas is channeling that gloriously creative time, creating travel posters for the famed Star Wars galaxy.

3D Pavement Art from the Inventor of the Style


Kurt Wenner is a master artist and master architect famous for inventing three-dimensional pastel drawings, which are also known as 3D Street Painting or 3D Pavement Art. He has spent a lifetime creating art forms, works of art and architecture, as well educational programs in a vast array of venues and media. Central to his own creative process is the knowledge of both classicism and artist’s geometry.

Group Shots from Cult Movies Go Minimal

1-Ale Giorgini BIGLEBOWSKI_poster

Sometimes it takes a masterful attention to detail in order to simplify things. Illustrator Ale Giorgini seems to have this talent, taking the most epic movies and distilling them down to group shots of their most iconic characters in simplified form. The surprising part after whittling these flicks down to size? Each character is still completely recognizable.

Visualizing Music Theory: A Flowing Animation


The wise Madonna once said, “Music makes the people come together.” Music is a universal language that transcends cultures and can make even the worst dancers sway their head to the beat. No matter how much you love music, studying the intricacies of advanced music theory is no easy task. This awesome animated video by finally. analyzes and visualizes the major topics in music theory and comes to an interesting conclusion. Whether you love music or not, you will love this video!

Visual Bits #344> Angles & Curves: Landscape Photos

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All Taped Up- Funny Face Photography

Wes Naman 1

With nothing more than a lot of scotch tape and some willing participants, Wes Naman transforms normal looking people into cartoon characters! According to edotmag, Naman got the idea for this project last year at Christmastime when his assistant Joe Godfrey used the tape from his present to bend his nose in a silly way. Godfrey was a good sport and let Naman tape up his face in crazy ways for some good laughs and photos. Now, a year later, he has an entire Scotch Tape Series that looks like plastic surgery gone horribly awry.