Knee Shops Out of Basements in Bulgaria’s Capital

7 klakshop_1

After 1989, when the Berlin Wall came down, the people in Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, wanted to move away from communism as fast as possible, so they opened up their own businesses. However, with rent prices so high, many convenience stores were operated out of basements through a tiny window storefront at ground level. The little stores became known klek (knee) shops because in order to pay the vendor and get your convenience items, a person had to kneel down. The unique display of colorful merchandise through the glass storefront are quickly dwindling in Sofia, but remain a tourist attraction as a memorial of capitalism. See more images by ~sograph on deviantart.

1 klak_shop_16_by_sograph

2 Klek-shop-Sofia

3 Klek-shop-Sofia


4 Klek-shop-Sofia

5 Klek-shop-Sofia

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