On Location Photography That Defies Gravity


What you see is what you get when it comes to Li Wei’s gravity defying photography. Although it would be much easier to photoshop people into a stock image to achieve a similar effect, all of Li Wei’s shots are taken on location, relying solely on wire harnesses to suspend his subjects in mid-air; thus making them all the more incredible. According to the Beijing-based artist, “There’s a visceral feeling of shooting on location that can’t be duplicated on a computer,” although he does use photoshop to remove the visible wires from his images.

The set-up for each of Li Wei’s aerial photography sessions is so complex and involved that many of the people passing by mistake it for a movie set. Li Wei dropped out of college, where he studied oil-painting, in 1993 feeling that it was too traditional for him and shifted his focus to a form of art more compatible with the rapidly evolving digital world, combining performance and photography. Be sure to check out his interview with The Creator’s Project in the video below and view more images on his website.










Via: mymodernmet.com


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