Cool Igloo Hotel in Finland


The Igloo Village in Kakslauttanen, Finland is one the nicest hotels in cold climates one can visit. Every igloo is provided with a clear glass ceiling which allows guests to gaze at the beautiful northern lights and stars, all while relaxing comfortably in their warm room. Based on a groundbreaking idea with years of research and development, the glass igloo is a marvel of a creation. Built from special thermal glass, the view stays clear even when the temperature outside drops below -30°C. Each igloo includes a toilet, luxury beds and a hot sauna with a refreshing ice hole outside to dip in and out of.


In addition to the glass igloos, the village resort features snow igloos, a snow restaurant, an ice gallery with ice sculptures, and a snow chapel for those we want to get married. In total there are 20 glass igloos and 60 beds in the snow igloos, and the snow restaurant provides seating for 50-150 people. The Igloo Village starts its season each year between December and January, depending on the weather conditions, and stays open until the end of April.

Check the Hotel here.





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