Darkened Cities Show the Sky Without Light Pollution


Have you ever wondered what the night sky might look like with all the city and street lights turned off? Thierry Cohen from Paris did, and through his imagination and exploration, created a digital project called “Darkened Cities.”


Thierry would travel to areas with no light pollution that were on the same axis as the cities he chose. Then he would superimpose the image on the existing city landscape to create what the city could look like without any electricity on and void of any lights. The result is stunning.

Darkened-Cities-thierry -cohen



PARIS 48° 51’ 52’’ N  2021-07-14  UTC 22:18

São Paulo 23° 33’ 22’ S 2011-06-05 lst 11:44

New York 40° 46’ 38’’ N 2010-10-10 lst 21:00

Shanghai 31° 13’ 27’’ N 2012-03-20 lst 13:57




Thierry-cohen-Darkened Cities

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