A Delightful, Hand-Drawn Map of New York City

Jenni Sparks New York Map 1

Following 3-months of research and hard work, British illustrator Jenni Sparks has created a fantastic hand-drawn map featuring the lovely city of New York. The piece repeats the talents we saw in her earlier effort creating a map of London, with this version perhaps even surpassing that fine work. Bold lines trace her 3D renditions of the city’s famous architecture, from the Flat Iron building to the Empire State Building; and locations like Union Square to Central Park.

The level of accuracy in the cartoonish map is actually rather refreshing, especially in the multitude of iconic buildings featured and the subways stops running through the scene. It’s almost something we’d like to walk around town, taking the sights in with. The illustration was commissioned once again by online print maker Evermade and is available in either A1 size (33.1 x 23.4 in) for £130 or A2 (23.4 x 16.5 in) for £75. You can purchase it here. Find more from Jenni Sparks at her personal website, jennisparks.blogspot.ca.

Jenni Sparks New York Map 4

Jenni Sparks New York Map 2

Jenni Sparks New York Map 3

Jenni Sparks New York Map 5

Jenni Sparks New York Map 6

Jenni Sparks New York Map 7

Jenni Sparks New York Map 8

Via: youcreatives

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