A Surreal Beachside Installation for Charity

Doorways to Potential Andrew Baines artist Dec 2012

Andrew Baines, a photographer from Australia, has created another surreal installation titled “Doorways to Potential.” Earlier this summer, Visual News covered his work, which included suited individuals on the small shore breaks of the ocean. Now his latest installation hopes to bring support to a local charity in addition to the visual stimulation it provides.

Doorways to Potential comprised of a number of red open doorways on the beach. Symbolizing the title of the art installation, each “suit” donated $1,500 to the charity “Common Ground” in order to participate in the project. Common Ground is a not-for-profit charity that provides homeless people with affordable housing, teaches independent living skills and offers support to find work.

To see more of Andrew Baines work click here.

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Doorways to potential andrew baines artist dec 2012 2

Doorways to potential andrew baines 4

Doorways to potential Andrew Baines 3

doorways to potential 98

doorways to potential 63

Check out the video below for a time-lapse of the installation as it happened:

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