Surreal Humans Carved in Wood

Willy Verginer Sculpture 8

While they may look to be cast from resin, chiseled from stone or even 3D printed – these sculptures by Italian artist Willy Verginer are made of wood. His strikingly beautiful and dreamlike figures are covered with many textures; from smooth skin, to faceted rough surfaces and fascinating patterns in relief. His figures perform strange handstands, interact with woodland rabbits, and find themselves covered in delicate flowers – all giving the series a touch of the surreal.

As if all that doesn’t make his works interesting enough, he then dips portions of his figures in bright colors which contrast sharply with their natural timber core. The effect creates colored bands circling his carvings, the linear sharpness of the clearly defined line contrasting sharply with the organic nature of the remaining work. Perhaps it is this near mechanical precision which tricks our eye into thinking these are anything but carved wood.

You can find more from Verginer at Gallery Biba or on his personal website,

Willy Verginer Sculpture 1

Willy Verginer Sculpture 2

Willy Verginer Sculpture 4

Willy Verginer Sculpture 5

Willy Verginer Sculpture 6

Willy Verginer Sculpture 7

Willy Verginer Sculpture 11

Willy Verginer Sculpture 9

Willy Verginer Sculpture 10

Willy Verginer Sculpture 12

Willy Verginer Sculpture 13

Willy Verginer Sculpture 14

Willy Verginer Sculpture 15


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