Bizarre Portraits from a Patterned Dream


If you combined the work of Salvador Dali with those Magic Eye books, you might have something close to the paintings of Canadian artist Sascha Braunig. Her works embody the unique duality of at once being highly beautiful and highly disturbing. They aren’t the type of things you want to see in your next dream or drug trip.

Braunig’s work often take their bold color from only two main hues, using that combination to form an equally bold, even jarring, pattern. It isn’t often that we get to see reds and greens combined outside of Christmas, and the striking combination simply vibrates before our eyes. Braunig then warps her patterns, from chevrons, to diamonds and stripes; around the form of etherial figures – some with bizarre and creepy globular eyes. As New York’s Foxy Production gallery notes, “they are iridescent beings whose very skin seems to be a source of psychic power.”

You can find more of Braunig’s paintings, drawings and videos at

Sascha Braunig Paintings 2

Sascha Braunig Paintings 3


Sascha Braunig Paintings 5

Sascha Braunig Paintings 6

Sascha Braunig Paintings 7

Sascha Braunig Paintings 8

Sascha Braunig Paintings 9

Sascha Braunig Paintings 10

Sascha Braunig Paintings 11

Sascha Braunig Paintings 12

Sascha Braunig Paintings 13


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