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Man & The Moon: A Dreamy Collection Of Photos

Tuesday 12.11.2012 , Posted by

1 private moon

There is not much more beautiful than being in nature late at night and seeing your surroundings illuminated by the moon, but what if you could take that natural night light with you to light up darkness wherever you go? This idea was the inspiration for an installation of photographs by Leonid Tishkov and Boris Bendikov. The Russian artists titled the series “Private Moon” and hoped to tell an everlasting love story of a man who becomes so infatuated with the majestic, crescent moon that he takes her with him as he travels from the mountains to the country to the city and everywhere in between. See more photos from the collection on


2 private moon

3 privat moon

4 private moon

5 private moon

6 privat moon

7 private moon

8 private moon

9 private moon

10 private moon

11 private moon

12 private moon

13 private moon

14 private moon


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Written by Paul Caridad

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