Samsara: An Unparalleled Sensory Experience

From the creators of the award winning film Baraka, Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson, comes a new non-verbal documentary that is bound to receive the same recognition. SAMSARA is shot entirely on 70mm film (one of only a handful in the past forty years) and directed by the power of flow. SAMSARA, which is Sanskrit for “the ever turning wheel of life” was filmed over five years in twenty-five countries and has received rave reviews from those lucky enough to have gotten an early viewing. This weekend, special theaters, mostly in major cities, will be premiering the stunning film. Check out the teaser and concept below, then head over to their website or Facebook to find out when SAMSARA will be coming to a theater near you.


SAMSARA The Concept:


Bicycled the perimeter of USA, hitch hiked across the States dressed as monk. Nomadic for the next few years. Would love to connect, so check out my links below! email:

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