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Dance-o-Mat: A Coin Operated, Instant Dance Party

After Christchurch, New Zealand was hit with last years massive earthquake, many of the local dance studios and performance places shut down. The people over at Gap Filler wanted to help the situation and add a bit of happiness back to the stricken city, so they did the obvious thing… and installed a coin operated dance floor for impromptu booty shaking.


With its central washing machine control station, the space has been appropriately dubbed the Dance-O-Mat. With just a $2 coin and a phone or MP3 player, anyone can start an instant outdoor dance party. The central washing machine is connected to stand mounted speakers surrounding the dance floor, which is currently installed in an empty lot on Oxford Terrace. It’s a brilliant and cheerful use of public space – one that is made for lifting the spirits of the people… even if (as you can see from the video below) you happen to be royal people. You can find out more about the space at

As you can see, some fairly famous people have tried out the Dance-o-Mat:


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