Visual Bits #347 > A Love For Vintage

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Happy Vintage New Year!

Vintage Photos from New Year’s Eves Past 3

It’s that time of year again… one where tomorrow is next year. Starting at the islands of Kiribati and Samoa, the world begins to welcome in the new year, beginning its march from time zone to time zone, finally ending in Hawaii. The traditions and celebrations each nation practices are varied. Mexicans celebrate New Year’s Eve, by eating a grape with each of the twelve chimes of a clock’s bell during the midnight countdown, while making a wish with each one. In Italy, New Year’s Eve is celebrated by the observation of traditional rituals, such as wearing red underwear. In Ecuador it’s a tradition for men to dress as women representing the “widow” of the year that has passed.

Conquering Hate With a Love Story


Earlier this year, you may have seen photos circulating the internet through Facebook and Twitter, showing a different side of Israeli’s views of Iranians than we see on the news. The viral Israel-Loves-Iran meme was started by graphic designer Ronny Edry of Israel and now he speaks about the movement in a recent TEDtalk. By opening communication where it was once taboo, letting the people of nations know that they are loved by the ones who are allegedly their enemy, it started a chain reaction of love, showing the world that the opinion of the people is not always the same as the one represented by their politicians.

Ken Niimura’s English, Japanese & Spanish Fusion

Ken Niimura 1

Ken Niimura is an award winning cartoonist and illustrator known for his work in many publications. Some of his well know works include I kill giants, Japanese in Mangaland and Lunático.

Visual Bits #346 > Life On The Other End

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The Best Surf Photography of 2012


If you love surfing, then I’m sure you’ve heard of The Inertia. The online network is a collaboration of the global surf community’s most prominent people in conjunction with partnerships from amazing organizations like The Surfrider Foundation, Save The Waves Coalition, WiLDCOAST, Surfers for Cetaceans, and The Surf Resource Network. The site features news, commentary, photography, and art and has grown immensely since it’s beginning 2 years ago. In a recent post, they sifted through all of the awesome photo submissions to bring us the highlights this year. Here we’ve provided a small sample, so be sure to head over to Inertia for the full gallery then you can subscribe or get involved with the incredible team.

Artist Transforms Whales Into Transportation Devices

1  Roland Tamayo

Just about everyone has dreamed of how amazing it would be to ride on a bird’s back and fly through the sky, but that’s just not realistic…birds are too small. Whales, however, are enormous- some bigger than semi-trucks, so if we could turn their blowholes into steam pipes or attach sails to their backs, they would be the perfect fantasy ride through the sky. LA-based artist Roland Tamayo demonstrates what this might look like in a surreal series of whale art. The former concept artist in the gaming industry shifted gears to work on fine art and freelance work after the birth of his twin sons.

Photos from The Heart of Borneo

The Heart of Borneo 9 dean bradshaw

Dean Bradshaw is an Australian photographer and digital artist current living in Southern California. A few years ago, he traveled to the Island of Borneo in Southeast Asia to capture the essence of the exotic area. His images are rich with story and wonder, and provide a sense of tranquility to all who view them.

We Love Friday! – Over the Top Christmas Displays


As the holiday season quickly approaches its’ end, with New Year’s Eve right around the corner; just before we enter that dreaded month when all of the bills come and the decorations come down, we wanted to honor those who quadrupled their electric bill for the month of December to show their neighbors who’s got Christmas Spirit! Every city and town needs them- those people who transform their yards into a Christmas wonderland and, in doing so, light up the entire neighborhood. To make it worth all the time, effort, and money put in to having the house that all the neighbors are pointing at as they drive by, we wanted to bring these displays beyond their local populations, so we searched Instagram for some of the most over the top displays of Christmas cheer for all to enjoy.

Grow Your Own: A UK Guide to Yearly Planting & Harvest

Bold and Noble Grow Your Own Calendar 2

It’s that time of year again, the time when you pull out your collection of seeds and plan this years magnificent vegetable garden. For some of us, the selection of this tasty cornucopia is a near obsession (we made our own handy California based graphic). This wonderfully designed poster from UK based print shop Bold and Noble could help you plan your year from sewing to harvest.