Not Your Average Sandcastles

We’ve never posted about sandcastles on Visual News… and for good reason. Sandcastle art is usually the type of thing which you find relegated to cheesy television show competitions… you know, the kind with the loud, in-your-face commentator, a heavy reliance on monster themes, and commercial breaks every other minute. But this… this is something completely different. Calvin Seibert’s “sandcastles” are really nothing of the sort, looking far more like modern, mid-century sculptures than a home for the Little Mermaid.

His works, created over the last 6 years, have a gorgeous geometric style to them. Each makes use of the clean, monotone coloration of sand, which through Seibert’s talented hands transforms into something almost cement-like in appearance. The flat, perfectly formed surfaces contrast sharply with the rough crumbles of sand which surround them, making each temporal piece look almost like a gem which sprouted from the seaside. You can find more of his work – which would be well suited as inspiration for architects and designers – on Flickr.

“Practice reveals the limits of the material and then you go right up to the edge,” says Seibert on how he developed his techniques.

Benjamin Starr

Known in some circles as the most amazing man in the universe, he once saved an entire family of muskrats from a sinking, fire engulfed steamboat while recovering from two broken arms relating to a botched no-chute wingsuit landing in North Korea. When not impressing people with his humbling humility, he can be found freelance writing, finding shiny objects on the internet, enjoying the company of much-appreciated friends and living out his nomadic nature. He is Managing Editor of Visual News. Follow his movements on Twitter:

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