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Eye Candy: Celebrity Portraits Made of Sugary Sweets

Sunday 11.25.2012 , Posted by

Willy Wonka would be so proud of Mexican artist Cristiam Ramos; his art work is completed entirely out of candy! At his studio in Orlando, Florida, the 32 year old artist uses gummy bears, licorice, candy hearts, , M&M’s, bubble gum, after dinner mints, and a lot of patience to meticulously glue candy to a canvas, creating intricate celebrity portraits, without any paint. Aside from re-designing iconic faces out of candy, the artist has also built a life size motorcycle out of 20,000 sweets! Ramos’ sweet portraits can sell for up to $18,000 and some have even been placed in Ripley’s Hollywood Museum. Find out more about Ramos’ candy artwork here.


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  1. i really enjoyed looking at these forms of art because for my art homework we had to write about many different ways you can make art this is going to be one of them for definate

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