A Colorful Touch: Installations by Michael McGillis

A low curving stack of wood rises out of the grass, not drawing much attention from a distance. On closer inspection however, viewers are given an eye pleasing explosion of color – in the center of the stack is a precisely cut path which descends into the ground, the end of each log painted in brilliant purple.

The work of Michigan based artist, Michael McGillis, this 2006 piece called Wake, is just one example of the artists color enhanced work. Part of McGillis’ work reminds me of Andy Goldsworthy. Maybe it’s the large scale, the fact that he appropriates nature to do it, or that so many of his pieces take on a long, sinuous form which begs to be explored. Where McGillis changes course is in using man-made mediums like house paint or discarded plastic bags to bring a splash of unreal color to many of his installations.

McGillis has also done a number of mind bending studio works, creating what he calls “Micro Disasters.” You can see more images of his work at michaelmcgillis.com.

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