Ancient/Modern: 48 Massive Global Art Installations

You don’t find much larger artwork than that of Andrew Rogers… actually you just don’t. His stone based pieces are huge in scope, so large in fact that they are easily seen on Google Maps. You can’t say that about the Mona Lisa.

You also don’t find art with much more community involvement. Rogers’ work has included the help of over 6,700 people and spanned 13 countries across 7 continents. His work is currently featured in Antarctica, Australia, Bolivia, Chile, China, Iceland, India, Israel, Kenya, Namibia, Nepal, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and the United States… needless to say, he is making an impact. As part of his “Rhythms of Life” series, the works we have here covers mountains, fills valleys and would appear completely surreal if it weren’t for the accompanying photos which show hard working helpers creating the massive stone walls.

His pieces, which take their cue from ancient art like the Nazca Lines of southern Peru or the Westbury White Horse in England, form the largest contemporary land art undertaking in the world, forming a chain of 48 Geoglyphs around the globe. You can see more at


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