The Modern Dance

Animated in Cardboard: Stop-Motion Modern Dance

Sometimes the most inspiring videos are only brief glimpses of brilliance. Rogier Wieland’s stop-motion animation, The Modern Dance, is just such a piece – lasting only 1 short minute, but packing a whole lot of visual inspiration onto those few seconds. Using many layers of cardboard cutouts, his tiny figure gracefully moves across the screen in near realistic fashion – even while clearly being made of roughly cut paper.


Wieland recently gained much recognition for his stop-motion work with Moleskine, creating a far longer piece using their brightly colored notebooks. The Modern Dance was created over a year ago, along with his piece The Audience (featured below), but they haven’t garnered their deserved attention until now. For a full look at his collection, be sure to check out Wieland’s extensive Vimeo page, then see this Dutch artists gorgeous paper craft work on his personal website.

The Modern Dance

The Audience


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