Spinning Southward: Biking From Alaska to Argentina

When he joined Spinning Southward and started the 10,000 mile ride south with his camera and laptop, filmmaker Nateon Allejo thought his problems would be finding clean water and fighting off banditos, not trying to figure out where to fix technology in Latin America. Yet that was pretty much what characterized most of his trip. The plan was to document, edit, and post short clips along the journey, but the constant shaking of equipment along the ride made that much more difficult than he could have predicted.

In spite of the technical difficulties, Allejo composed a beautiful documentary titled Spinning Southward which was the winner of the 2011 Official Selection award for Mexico at the International Film Festival. The inspiring documentary follows 3 bicyclists who traveled from the far northern shores of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska – through 13 countries – to Ushuaia, Argentina raising over $75,000 for the National Brain Tumor Society. This must see documentary can be purchased on Amazon and we will be sending a free copy, at random, to one lucky reader who tweets this out.

The video below is the first of several behind the scenes installments which we will be featuring here as they are released; each with another opportunity to win a copy of the film, courtesy of Visual News. Nateon Allejo is one of the most talented filmmakers I’ve had the pleasure of working with and has been an amazing friend to me, helping out with several projects in the past. See more details of the journey and breathtaking pictures on melloajello.com.

Via: melloajello.com

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