Living in a Cereal World

Who you are is largely determined by the way you eat Lucky Charms. Do you eat the marshmallows first or last or take each spoonful as it is? We all have our favorite sugary cereals that make us nostalgic when we eat them and hungry an hour later. Photographer Ernie Button has been playing with his food and transforming some of the most easily recognizable cereals into landscapes and underwater scenes; like the pyramids above made of stacked up Cheerios in front of an Arizona sky. Aside from making bales of hay out of shredded wheat and fish out of marshmallows, he also gets up close and personal with individual pieces of Trix and Apple Jacks and makes you wonder why we love these strange, artificial, processed puffs so much.


According to Button:

Even though I don’t eat cereal that much anymore, I still find breakfast cereal fascinating on a visual level: is it food, is it entertainment, is it nourishment, is it really a dessert or is it all of the above? I don’t want it to seem like I’m picking on cereal but the macro world of cereal provides me with the perfect vehicle to examine and highlight what it is that people eat; from the frosting-like coating that covers the marshmallows to the brightly colored cereals that turn milk a variety of pastel hues other than white.

See more deliciously strange images on the photographer’s website.

Video by HooplaHa – Life with a Smile

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