A Girl And Her Room: Girls’ Bedrooms Around the World

A teenage girl’s bedroom often reveals more about who she is and what’s important to her than a conversation with her. For a privileged girl in the United States, molding her living space is the ultimate form of self-expression. Not only do these bedrooms show the values of the girls that live in them, but they also disclose the values of the culture that she is a part of. Photographer Rania Matar captured the dichotomy between the living quarters of girls in United States and Lebanon.


According to Susan Minot:

“The girls in these photographs willingly opened their doors to an outsider, trusted her, shared their intimacy with her and exposed themselves and their vulnerability. Rania attempted to get to the soul of each girl, to represent each one as truthfully as she could, and, by capturing each individual, to justify their trust in her.”

Matar has been exhibiting her captivating images all over the world and compiled the collection into a book called “A Girl and Her Room.” See more of the telling images on the artist’s website.

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