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Visual Bits #310 >Lets Get Digital, Digital: Animations

Saturday 11.10.2012 , Posted by

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A Year in Full Colour – Moleskine Planners

j.viewz – About the sea

Good Grief: Animation by Fiona Dalwood

No Noodles From Tyler Nicolson

Pig Me From The Animation Workshop

Sufjan Stevens – Mr. FROSTY MAN

Alexander Fedosov

New Hysterical Minds Release: Empathy

Knite: Two Worlds, One Dream By `yuumei

Alexander Jansson

Isabella Morawetz

Lead Image: Israel Severo

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Skye Jordan

Written by Skye Jordan

Skye spends most of her time being an Art Enthusiast and a Graphic Design student. When she isn't out being a forest creature in the Redwoods or a beach bum on the sunny coast of California, she's searching for inspirational art to share with her friends and followers on Visual News and Artsy, a Facebook group she created. You can connect with her on StumbleUpon.

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