Live Like You Mean It!

In this world, too many of us are not living the life of our dreams because we are too concerned with planning our future. Looking at how retired people, who are still in good health, live their lives is a good example of what truly matters in life: relationships, fun, and travel. Photographer Ana Galan was inspired by the older folks who live in the moment, so she started a project called Viv(r)e la Vie! She decided to photograph ten elderly couples who remain active by dancing, in a profile shot with a country background, in various cities around the world.

According to Ana Galan’s artist statement, “The concept depicts the two contrary principles: masculine and feminine, which are found in an embrace as a symbol of the partnership, the union and belonging. The coniferous landscapes represent the power of vital force, of immortality.” So why wait until retirement to do the things you’ve always wanted to? Enjoy life today! See more on this project and more on her website.


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  1. Lol! Absolutely brilliant collection! Amusing and uplifting.

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