What Babies Dream Of

When her baby Mila was born, Adele Enersen was so thrilled that she couldn’t sleep, but sleeping is all baby Mila wanted to do! So as the new mommy watched her little one, she imagined what her daughter could be dreaming about. Then she took it one step further by creating the little dreamscapes on the floor around sleeping beauty Mila and photographing her. What started as a blog to share fun pics with family and friends, Mila’s Daydreams grew to be admired by millions and now Enersen has made Mila the star of a children’s book called When My Baby Dreams.


Now the Enersens have a new addition to their family. Baby Vincent isn’t as sound of a sleeper as his big sister Mila, but his creative mommy has taken a black sharpie to some of his floor pics and turned him into a DJ, cellist, runway model, and more! Check out Adele Enersen’s super creative blog for fun, fantasy baby pictures that are sure to make you giggle.

Via: thecuriousbrain.com

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