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Vintage Letter Heads of Some of History’s Greatest

Thursday 11.08.2012 , Posted by

Remember the good old days when you had to use a pen and paper to send someone a note? Did you have a fancy letter head or just go the old notebook paper route? For businesses and famous people, letter heads were a must and now these ancient artifacts can be perused for pleasure at The site was started by Shaun Usher who also runs Letters of Note and Lists of Note.


letterheady –adjective 1. overcome by a strong emotion due to a letterhead design.

Above: Albert Einstein, 1932 Below: Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color, 1961

Johnny Cash, c.1960:

The Star Wars Corporation, 1976:

Winston Churchill, 1940:

Frank Zappa, 1986:

The Laboratory of Thomas A. Edison, 1923

Nikola Tesla Company, c.1900:

See More at Hat Tip to Jason Lankow

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