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Dead Ringer Celebrity Caricatures

Thursday 11.01.2012 , Posted by

You know those stands at amusement parks where you can purchase an illustrated caricature of yourself that barely even looks like you? These are nothing like that. Freelance illustrator Pablo Lobato has been creating celebrity caricatures since the 80’s, but with his graphic design background and love for comic books, his images are much more unique. With bold, contrasting colors and abstract shaped heads and bodies made up of geometric shapes and lines, it’s amazing how each celebrity is so recognizable. He captures the essence of each character perfectly without the intent to ridicule them. Perhaps that is why the Argentinian artist’s signature style has been featured in publications all over the globe, including New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Time Magazine, LA Times Magazine, Boston Globe, and Cosmopolitan Germany to name a few.


Growing up with constant exposure to modern art (his parents were big fans- hence naming him after Picasso) and comic books is what Pablo Lobato attributes his distinctive approach to. See more of his celebrity spitting images on his website, Flickr, and Facebook and connect with him through Twitter.

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