A Visual Guide to Roasting Your First Turkey

Let’s be real: The holidays can be stressful. Your extended family’s crammed in not-so-extended quarters, your paycheck’s spent before it even arrives, and every quick trip to the store feels like you’ve entered The Hunger Games. All that merriment would drive anyone to consume every baked good in sight.

And if you’re in charge of cooking, extra pressure’s on to prepare the centerpiece of the holiday meal: the turkey. How the turkey turns out can make or break your holiday gathering. Everyone’s counting on moist, tender meat; crispy, brown skin; and flavorful, fluffy stuffing.

But if you’ve never roasted a turkey before, where do you start? How big of a bird do you buy? How do you prep and season it? And what on earth do you do with those giblets? Channel your inner Emeril or Ina with the help of this guide.

It’s got you covered with step-by-step instructions on how to portion, defrost, prep, and roast your turkey. The only thing that’s left is carving up the bird (for which, the New York Times offers a great video demonstration). Bon appetit!

Click the graphic below for a full-sized view of our original graphic.


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