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Wild Creatures on the Wall: Dr. Seuss Like Taxidermy

Taxidermy is one of those art forms which can be quite controversial, both as a question of taste and for ethical reasons ranging from animal rights to conservation. However, it’s hard to dislike these charmingly imaginative characters by sculptor Carl Turner. Channeling the spirit of the late, great Dr. Seuss, he’s created an animal menagerie of mostly cute animals – which look much more filled with life than stuffed for preservation.

It’s well known that Dr. Seuss created his own taxidermy-like busts, many of which were characters springing right from the pages of his books; and Turner continues in that vein. His characters populate a world of his own imagining, one often referenced in the description of each bust on his website. “Scoffer’s Island” is a place filled with Baffler Birds, Fuzzle Deer and Srewloose Moose.


Turner builds up his characters in clay, detailing their many features from antlers to wooly coats with precision. You can see more of his endearing creatures at


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