The March of Progress Re-imagined

The original “March of Progress” image is one of the best known scientific illustrations in the world and is remixing it, 2012-style, 99 times over. The 99 Steps of Progress, coming out of the Paris based artist collective Maentis, is a release of 99 re-imagined versions over the course of the next 99 days. Their on-going project is unfolding now on their blog

The designs make a statement on our journey as a society from neanderthal (in the original image) to our present forms (whatever they may be). The designs poke fun at the jarring shifts in lifestyle we are seeing today as the landscape of pop culture continually evolves. Although not always a positive step forward, (wittingly implied in the name, 99 Steps of “Progress”) the designs are a cause for reflection with regards to our own progress as we go through life. The stylized silhouette images provide a treat for the eyes as well!

Original Version: The March of Progress

Watch the 99 Steps of Progress trailer:

In the spirit of amusement, heres a look at some of the latest re-imaginings:


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