How to Improve Google Adwords Quality Scores

Google always wants to make sure that the most qualified pages are showing up in their queries. This makes sure the people using their search engine get the most relevant sites regarding content, combined with the best navigation and overall ease of use. Its quality score is an estimation of how relevant your landing page, keywords, and ads are to the keyword you’re targeting. It also relates to the people viewing your content, where your ad will be located on the page, and how much Google is going to charge you for your ad location. 

  • High quality scores (7-10) result when Google deems your landing page, keywords, and ads as something worthwhile for people to check out. It means that each of these things are useful and highly relevant to the keywords you’ve purchased. The great thing about high quality scores is that they lower your click costs.
  • Low quality scores (1-5) happen when the same sources mentioned above is held in low-esteem by Google, because it regards your site as non targeted or irrelevant to viewers.

Keywords are essential to your quality score, and some effective ways to use keywords to your benefit are: keyword choice, grouping similar words together, and selecting the right amount. Your ads should be highly targeted, and make sure your landing page is based on these three factors: relevant and original targeted content, transparency, and ease of navigation.

Click here or the graphic below for a full-sized look at how to improve your Google Quality Scores.


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  2. Darren Roberts

    Hi Neil –

    The Google account rep that called me a couple of months back advised me that:

    a) Quality Score was not important,

    and that to increase the number of clicks I received I should:

    b) Add more keywords
    c) Increase my Bids.

    Now, I’m not saying that they are incorrect for b) & c). They’re absolutely correct.

    But it’s very shabby advice. I don’t know if they thought I was born yesterday 😉

    More clicks does not = better cost per conversion, or even more conversions at all.

    And Quality is a good indication of how well your clicks will convert, regardless of whether this results in cheaper clicks for a given position within Adwords.


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