Safety, Speed, Comfort: Rare Posters of World Travel

Before you could easily jet-set around the world, reaching your destination in only a matter of hours, the prospect of world travel was far more slow… and probably more exciting. Now Zeitlos, a Berlin based purveyor of vintage design, is opening an exhibition of rare travel posters from the dawn of world travel. Featuring ocean liners, fast (and safe) trains, airplanes and even a few rare zeppelins, the posters are beautiful examples of the exciting time when foreign lands seemed further away… and even more foreign.


Running from October 13th through December 9th, Safety, Speed, Comfort will feature 40 posters from the collections of Joachim Apitz and Marc Wegner, ranging in vintage from 1910 to 1958. As you see here, many of the posters are beautiful and rare examples of classic design – ranging from painterly celebrations of new and speedy technology, to travel expressed through impressive Bauhaus-like minimalism. Find out more about the show at

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