We Love Friday! – Burning Man: Life’s a Playa

As lovers of art, it’s only appropriate that the majority of the Visual News team spent the last week surrounded by the beauty of Black Rock City for Burning Man. Paul Caridad, Shawn Saleme, Skye Jordan, and I are still finding playa dust every where we turn and each time it brings smiles to our faces as we reflect on what an amazing week it was. To help enhance our nostalgia and share the experience with our lovely readers, we searched high and low on Instagram to bring you some of the photos that best capture the essence of life on the Playa.

According to Burning Man’s founder, Larry Harvey:

The great difference between us and the consumer marketplace, however, is that we have inverted the essential nature of the capitalist system. We may be like Disneyland, but we are like Disneyland turned inside out. Because at the heart and center of this thing you will not find a commodity to be consumed.

If you like a photo, be sure to click on the Instagram user who uploaded it and show them some love. Our theme for next week will be cats. If you’d like to see your faithful feline featured, capture him/her on your smart phone, upload your photo to Instagram and tag it #cat @visualnews. We will feature our favorite ones next Friday! Have an awesome weekend- though it will be hard to top if your last one was in Black Rock City- and thanks for reading!

Above: @onewhowanders
Below: @sharomyga




















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  1. Jean Simenonsays:

    Actually to understand the event better, I recommend to check out the history of the event first. And for that I highly recommend to watch Dust & Illusions ( and “This is Burning Man” the book! Very much worth it, and of course the documentary is a must with all its archival footage! :)

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