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What Is the Hottest Thing In the Universe?

Saturday 09.29.2012 , Posted by

Remember trying to play hooky from school by sneaking the thermometer into your oatmeal when mom wasn’t looking to fake a fever? It turns out 98.6°F is just the average temperature of the human body, but it experiences many fluctuations throughout the day, so you could just fake a fever a couple hours before bedtime. If you’ve ever wondered what the hottest temperature in the universe is (it’s not the sun), then you MUST SEE this amazing video. Vsauce did all the research and breaks it down in an ADHD friendly format to teach you some of the most incredible scientific facts about temperature. For more fun facts follow Vsauce on Facebook and Twitter.


All music (except for the classical beginning) by Jake Chudnow.

Jessica Czeck

Written by Jessica Czeck

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