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Hand Paintings Starring You As Your Favorite Classic

If you’ve ever wished you could have a classic painting in your home that only museums are worthy of, now you can! Better yet- YOU can be the star of the painting! is an online shop that delivers a hand-painted, re-faced, classic to your door step. Here’s how it works. Choose your favorite painting from the collection, send them a picture posing as closely to the original as possible, then just sit back and relax. A team of artists will paint your re-faced creation and it will be in your hands within 4-6 weeks.


My friend Matt Mullen, who often brags about his title as “Least Trafficked Blog on the World Wide Web”, turned me on to BoingBoing almost a decade ago with his non-stop praising of Cory Doctorow. Since then they have been a source of inspiration to me and a model to aspire to in my own blogging endeavors. To thank them, I sent them an original oil painting of Mark Fraunfelder and Xeni Jardin as American Gothic which is featured as the lead image on this post.

With the holidays right around the corner, order your re-faced originals quickly since each takes 4-6 weeks to paint, dry, and deliver. These refaced masterpieces are a great conversation piece, perfect for a housewarming gift, or any occasion. A special thanks to Marshall Haas for making this possible.

Me as Rembrandt’s Apostle Paul

The Original Rembrandt Version

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