Campfire Cologne: A New Woodsy Scent for Men

Do you long for the cool air of a dense forest, the dusty path of a long hiking trail or the warm experience of cooking over an evening campfire? If so, then look no further than Campfire Cologne. This new designer scent is sure to take you back to those woodsy places with just the strike of a match… even if you and your beard are stuck in an office.

A tongue in cheek product from Tried and True, Campfire Cologne is a box with little bits of kindling inside and some matches to light them up. In doing so, you create that campfire scent your nostrils so desire. Waft if gently into your beard and flannel. From the woodsy videos, to the packaging and instructions, this kit is a clever and hilarious gift. You can take the man out of the woods, but you can’t take the woods out of the man. Buy the ‘scent’ at


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  1. Philip Prouhet

    Ben, thanks for the post. There are so many brands out there going for this over-the-top, wink-wink, we are laughing with you MAN APPEAL. Old Spice does it pretty well. Dos Equis owns it. But there is always a handful of companies that try to duplicate it and come off as inauthentic.

    I think Campire Cologne avoided that handful. They are tipping their hat to the advertising notion of perceived value with this hilarious product. Could men collect wood from their backyard instead of buying this product? Absolutely. But the packaging and silliness make it a great gift item for a father, a brother, or even that aunt who wants her whiskers to reek of the great outdoors.

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