Visual Bits #274> Animals Do The Darndest Things

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Cheeky Cheetah At The Masai Mara

Monkey’ing Around

29 Animal Attacks (Pics)

Mother Lion Keeps Her Baby Close

Holding On To Mama

Nancy Fouts

Amazing Ocean Pictures

Macro Photographs By David Chambon

Tree House Bird-Apartment By Nendo

Lead Image: Easy, Breezy, Beautiful…Cover Squirrel

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Skye Jordan

Skye spends most of her time being an Art Enthusiast and a Graphic Design student. When she isn't out being a forest creature in the Redwoods or a beach bum on the sunny coast of California, she's searching for inspirational art to share with her friends and followers on Visual News and Artsy, a Facebook group she created. You can connect with her on StumbleUpon.

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