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Creative Switching Light Sculptures by Ian Burns

Sunday 09.16.2012 , Posted by

What happens when an analytic mind gets creative? For Australian engineer and artist Ian Burns, it’s an amazing set of switching light installations. By using magnifying glasses to focus the filaments of lightbulbs onto a wall, he has created intricate sets of switches that project words that morph before your eyes.

In his interview for ‘Inside Art’ by The Stock Rooms, Burns said:

I think a lot of engineers are frustrated artists and a lot of artists are frustrated engineers… [What I do] is complicated, but it’s no more complicated than your iPhone and yet we just take that for granted. At the basest of levels it’s the same technology. It’s just switches.


The images shown here are from Burns’ In Increments, Pausations, Progression, and Mantra collections. Scroll over each to see which collection it came from. For more of Ian Burns’ fantastic works, which are the perfect marriage between the left and right brain, check out his website. Stay tuned after the jump for a fascinating interview with the artist.

‘Inside Art’ by The Stock Rooms. Interview of Ian Burns

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